Designer Dialogue: Bianca Fusco Zanatta

How do you define the best of the best? How do you discern quality? What inspires creative minds? And how do you bring creativity, quality and inspiration into one space?

That’s where we come in.

When walking into the 2018 Luxury Home and Design Show (LHDS) we want guests to feel they have found a space where quality, inspiration and innovation are shared ideals.

“As an architect, as a designer you have got to take that jump in order to be creative, and work outside of the box,” says our 2018 LHDS Principal Architectural Designer, Bianca Fusco Zanatta.“I am a color person. Color is the characteristic of one’s self. If you can think in color, you can easily think in black and white.”

The LHDS aims to be first in its class on the West Coast for caliber, ambiance, curation, quality and display. Local architects construct the showroom around the theme envisioned by our invited principle designer.

The Show also offers five features offer private shopping, master craftsmen, artists and artisans at work, as well as latest in healthy living and sustainable technology. All brought into the heart of Vancouver, BC from around the world, setting the LHDS apart.

Zanatta explains her own inspiration is color and classical architecture. With her deeply rooted Italian heritage she possesses a deep understanding and appreciation for harmony, balance, and quality.

“Classical architecture is what inspires me. It’s always inspired me, and classical architecture can incorporate in with modern.”

For the 2018 theme Zanatta selected an Italian piazza. A piazza is a place of gathering. Whether for a cappuccino or the sharing of ideas, the piazza should feel like home. Like Zanatta, many architects, designers and artisans travel the world in order to find quality products and materials, as well as new ideas – be it classical or modern.

When asked what she is most looking forward to at this year’s Show, Zanatta says “I’m looking forward to meeting new designers, new architects and artisans, bringing architects from around the world and allowing them to showcase themselves at our Show on the West Coast.”

For the 2018 show, in an effort to bring quality and inspiration to the forefront of the luxury industry, Zanatta’s ability to weave the classic and modern with creativity and innovation is a perfectly designed fit…

“I’m honored to be asked to do this because it allows me to communicate with the world, architectural designers, architects, designers and builders that you can create anything,” says Zanatta.