Designer List

We have more than 30 top designers in Vancouver joined our in Luxury Home & Design Show in 2015. Are you ready for the millionaire designs in Convention Center May 1-3?

Joy Chao – John Henshaw Architect Inc.


John Henshaw Architect Inc. (JHA) is an award winning firm with more than 20 years of experience. They are a versatile boutique firm that is constantly updated on the latest building technologies, practices, and trends. They also stand for high quality in design, materials and workmanship. JHA offers a blend of eastern and western designs, while creating a well-planned space through architectural techniques and interior design features. Their projects are designed to reflect the personalities of the client and designed to harmonize with the surrounding elements. Undivided attention is given to details to ensure that a functional home is also beautiful to live in.

Joy has always had a passion for the Arts. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Colombia. After working in the construction industry alongside with her father, she decided to focus on interior design. She received her diploma of Interior Design from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, her Lighting Certification and is a certified Registered Interior Designer. In 2001, she joined John Henshaw Architect Inc. An eye for well-planed spaces and interior design aspects distinguishes her work.