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Fantini Rubinetti bathtub available at Cantu Bathroom.

Vancouverites will be in for a treat this year as advancements in technology and design hit the market to bring a spa home, a trend that men seem to desire as much as women. Mei Tham, a product and design consultant with luxury supplier Cantu Bathrooms, elaborates: “I think men right now are more conscious about their looks, for skin care itself, and they have become very particular about how their body feels. That’s why the majority like to have a rain shower, a spa kind of feeling.”

LED shower mirror by Electric Mirror.

With more homeowners seeking a way to more deeply relax in their en suite, Gessi, a high-end Italian manufacturer distributed by Cantu, has just released an especially rejuvenating waterfall fixture, perfect after a long workout or a stressful day. Tham explains that, with its strong water flow, “when you stand right under the waterfall, it gives you a nice massage. It actually releases tension in the muscles. If you move forward or backward, it will hit a different area from your neck to the shoulder to the back.”

Fascino Gessi Collection

Tremillimetri Gessi Collection

Tremillimetri Gessi Collection

For men preparing for the day by shaving in the shower, Electric Mirror has just crafted a new LED shower mirror, an evolution of their popular LED sink mirror. Tham notes “It doesn’t have shadows, it’s very clear. This is the first I’ve seen where people put a mirror in the shower.” Of course, women looking for a mirror that won’t fog up so they can remove makeup will make equal use of this hi-tech appliance.

Rettangolo Gessi Collection

Segni showers Gessi Collection

Segni showers Gessi Collection

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All photos courtesy of Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware Ltd.