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Rev Your Design Engines


Famous Italian exotic car designer Bertone (showcasing their 100th anniversary concept car Bertone Nuccio above) will design a one-of-a-kind kitchen this Spring available at Eurohouse.


Italian car makers need no introduction, but now Bertone - a company responsible for some of the most memorable, iconic designs in automotive history (including unique Lamborghinis, Ferraris and now incredible concept cars) is making contemporary furniture that will likely fly into Vancouver’s nicest homes. Demand for well-crafted products and beautiful design grows stronger and stronger in Vancouver, as it transitions to “a center of the world, a dream destination for many millions of people who are looking for a better quality of life, better environment, better homes [and] better schools,” exclaims Yuri Morgun, the Managing Director of Eurohouse, an upscale home developer and custom builder that will be supplying a Bertone-designed kitchen in the Spring. He points out that “in terms of design, it’s becoming more creative because there are less and less boundaries these days between cultures and between time zones.”

The beautiful kitchen that made Eurohouse a 2014 Georgie Award Finalist for Best Kitchen Over $100k. 


Not only are Italian brands inspiring a more refined sense of design, but the European health and environmental standards will also have a positive impact on the Vancouver market. Morgun explains the added benefits of buying European: “What this means for the customer is that they will not experience the smell of formaldehyde.  When you open the drawer, or you open the door, you will experience zero smell.  It means that those chemicals, they don’t intoxicate the end user, creating a health benefit.”

Explore Eurohouse - the company bringing genuine Italian design and craftsmanship to Vancouver - at the Luxury Home & Design Show, May 1-3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


Courtesy of Eurohouse.