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Micro-CHP Technology Hits Western Canada


An innovative money-saving and energy-saving power source is changing the fortunes of single family estates in Western Canada according to Lars Van Linge, president of Teragon Developments. Micro Combined Heat and Power or Micro-CHP converts the by-products of a natural gas fired engine (warm air and electricity) into everything a building could ask for: heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, mechanical power and electrical power. Each unit acts like a mini-power plant but has the look and dimensions of a refrigerator.

“Micro-CHP has been popular in European homes and in commercial applications for years already. The electricity it produces is a fraction of the cost of BC Hydro,” says Van Linge who learned of the technology, researched it extensively and began recommending it to his clients less than a year ago. To his knowledge, he is the only residential builder in Western Canada installing micro-CHP technology.

Unapologetically grand residences can now waltz almost completely off the grid. But that’s not the only benefit here, Van Linge says.

“About half of my clients are from China. When they’re out of the country, micro-CHP makes it easier for caretakers to maintain their estates” by remotely accessing the all-in-one integration.  

Van Linge will be building B.A. Robinson’s texture- and art-inspired ensuite, designed by Joy Chao, at the Luxury Home & Design Show. Find him there or at

Photos Courtesy of Teragon Developments.