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8 Things You Don't Want to Miss at the Luxury Home & Design Show!

Design can change your life. See below for 8 things that will take your breath away at the Luxury Home & Design Show!

Modern-day Michelangelo, Peter Gorman, will showcase his exquisite modern interpretations of chinoiserie, reverse glass painting and lacquered panels, so highly-esteemed that royalty throughout the Middle East demand his services to transform their palaces into majestic galleries.


Let your walls transport you to a different time and place with hand-painted wallpaper from de Gournay (L) and Crown Wallpaper (C). Breathe life into your home with the all natural fibres of the Maya Romanoff collection from Metro Wallcoverings (R).



Three Centuries Shop, one of Vancouver’s premier antiques stores, is a treasure chest full of furniture and decorative arts, from the kings and emperors of France, to Great Britain, to the Russian Baltic Empire.


Game-changing carpetmaker Jan Kath (clients include Arabian royalty, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, rocker Anthony Kiedis and Louis Vuitton) realized that with the downturn in the traditional rug market, a new spin was needed, not only to entice a modern sensibility but to revive age old traditions.



Renew Period Lighting owner and antique virtuoso Eric Cohen explains, “production on the really good fixtures back in the 1860s and 1870s was so low, and so few of them have survived, some of the fixtures we have might be the last remaining one of that type of fixture.”



Roche Bobois' best-selling iconic Mah Jong modular sofa in Jean Paul Gaultier's unique design takes you from your home to the runways of Paris.


Tech advancements in the home, including hyper accurate and germ-free touch sensor faucets and shower heads and LED lighting technology that will transform your ensuite into a daily retreat. At Cantu. 

Magnificent, unique shapes and structures of natural rock imported from China from Big Rock Imports have a personality and look that adds character to any room or garden. 

Don't miss out on the hidden home industry gems that will be unveiled at the Luxury Home & Design Show. Buy your tickets today!