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A Cut Above

Bring home inspiration that no price tag could match and, now, win an ancient good luck charm at the Luxury Home & Design Show. 

Korite Decor's Ammonite gemstone worth $20,000 can be yours with a lucky drawing at the Luxury Home & Design Show, May 1-3. 


The Grand Prize at the Luxury Home & Design Show is an Ammonite gemstone from Korite Decor worth $20,000, coined by Feng Shui masters as the “most influential stone of the millenium.” Canadian Ammonites are the most rare, beautifully coloured ammonites - 65 million year old fossilized, hard shells of extinct mollusks. 

Canadian Ammonites are the most sought after among collectors due to their rare full rainbow spectrum of colours. At Korite Decor.


Feng Shui masters believe that ammonites contain the absorbed knowledge of the universe. Its spiral pattern mimics the path that universal forces must follow in space, a cosmic energy that enhances health, wealth and enlightenment. More specifically, the gemstone promotes the flow of “Qi” (pronounced chi) throughout the body, enhancing well-being and reducing the body’s toxicity. When the stone is placed in the home, it promotes a happy family, and in the office, it brings prosperity and fortune.


Come and find your fortune at the Luxury Home & Design Show and good luck winning this rare, one-of-a-kind Ammonite gemstone!