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A Modern-Day Renaissance

Eight years ago in New York, a small group of choreographers and dancers from Mainland China feared their heritage might be lost forever, since traditional culture had been suppressed in China since the Cultural Revolution in the 60’s. Now, through their desire to protect 5,000 years of culture - including stories of supernormal monks, folk dances from Tibet and Mongolia and heavenly classical instruments - Shen Yun has begun a modern-day Renaissance of genuine Chinese culture that’s inspiring today’s most creative minds.

Shen Yun 1

Lead fashion designer and creator of DKNY, Donna Karan, had this to say after she took in Shen Yun at a sold-out Lincoln Center: “What I loved about the show was the authenticity of it… There were so many aspects: from the woman’s point of view, from the male point of view, from a history point of view… but most of all, from a spiritual level… It was connecting the spirit and the calling of the spirit into ourselves, and realizing that’s so important.”

Shen Yun 2

Hundreds of vibrant, hand-made costumes, an orchestra harmonizing classical Eastern and Western instruments and a digital backdrop that transports audiences through time and space are among the elements that make Shen Yun so unique.

Academy Award winner Robert Stromberg, the production designer for Avatar, said, “It’s absolutely beautiful… It was so inspiring, I think I may have found some new ideas for the next Avatar.”

Shen Yun’s tour continues this weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Jan 16-18.