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Great Walls of China

Let your walls transport you to a different time and place. Hand-painted mythical creatures and botanicals imbued with ancient virtues come to life in Crown Wallpaper’s four new hand-painted collections. Look below at how you can turn your walls into majestic tapestries.


The artists are trained in applying the same technique used by the ancient Chinese artists to the modern medium of wallcoverings, on durable vinyl that will last through the years. The Symphony of Enlightenment Collection is available at Crown Wallpaper


These hand-painted wallcoverings are easy to clean, moisture-proof and seamless. A bespoke service is also available, so any print can be adjusted to your specifications in scale, theme and design. The Visual Feast Collection is available at Crown Wallpaper.


The Imperial Peony Collection is imbued with symbolism of positivity, such as reconnecting to divinity through nature. At Crown Wallpaper. 


The Flora's Secret Collection offers the serene meditative beauty of Chinese paintings, their gentle hues, graceful lines, breathing into life upon the walls of one’s living space. At Crown Wallpaper.

Experience the world’s finest hand-crafted products at the Luxury Home & Design Show, May 1–3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.