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Renaissance Man

Arabian royalty, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, rocker Anthony Kiedis and Louis Vuitton are all turning to a game-changing carpetmaker to make their floors pop like a framed piece of work on the wall. German designer Jan Kath, from the third generation of a family of carpet dealers, realized that with the downturn in the traditional rug market, a new spin was needed, not only to entice a modern sensibility but to revive age old traditions.

Jan Kath and his Spacecrafted collection. At Jan Kath. 

As a young boy, Kath would go with his father to visit manufacturers in Iran and Nepal, each village possessing its own design characteristics and signature techniques. “I adore these different forms of expression, and I have made it my mission to keep them alive,” says Kath. “In Morocco, for example, we use a nomadic Berber technique that results in a rustic, archaic effect.”

Each handcrafted carpet takes three months to make. A variety of collections and styles available at the Jan Kath Vancouver showroom. At Jan Kath.

With the finest wools, silks and yarns, each Jan Kath carpet is hand-spun and dyed in the Himalayas, in Agra (the ancient Mogul capital of India), or in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, taking roughly three months for a 2.5-by-3-meter rug. While all the rugs are made in traditional fashion, the designs are a mix of contemporary, classic or both, ranging from the award-winning Spacecrafted collection, a series of photo-realistic rugs with Hubble Space Telescope imagery; to the Erased Heritage collection, classical oriental patterns and colours layered with modern design, “to make sure that these ideas survive into the modern age,” says Kath.

Exquisite handmade carpets from the Lost Weave, Erased Heritage and Sari Deluxe Collections. At Jan Kath.

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