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Tile With Style

Tile With Style 1

As the housing market booms in Vancouver, so too grows a hunger for more innovative, bold design. One of the newest tile suppliers in town, Ceramex, hopes to quench this thirst by offering porcelain and glass tiles from multi-award-winning manufacturer Paradyz, whose  technological advancements are changing the face of the industry.

Tile With Style 2

Paradyz upholds a long tradition. Poland, where they’re from, has been a leading  manufacturer of glass for centuries. (Just check to see where your nicest champagne glasses were made.) Their latest development, micro-pigment technology, enables high-resolution printing on tiles, in contrast to the typical silk-screen printing which looks pixelated, and,  consequently, not realistic. With the new technology, they apply powder to ceramic or glass, compress it, then heat it in an oven. Andrew Baranowski, who co-owns Ceramex with Oscar Mikszan, explains, “it gives you a timeless effect which will never fade because it’s glazed… It’s the same as you basically printing on paper."

Tile With Style 3

This technology has been garnering real attention in Europe, especially with imitation prints, such as marble, granite, cement and wood. “You almost have to get on your knees and touch it to notice if it is wood or not,” says Baranowski. With such realistic imitation prints, Paradyz is able to create pieces, such as their rustic, vintage metal imitation tile, that follows trends in Europe, like the now popular early 20th century design.

Baranowski says that Paradyz even has custom glass decoration: “you can make the glass in any shape or form you like, and on top of that, they can print on it, so you can use it as a countertop… with a print of splashing water.”

Watch as designers make waves in the creative realm May 1-3 at the Luxury Home & Design Show.