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Uncommon Quartz

Caesarstone, the first company in the world to produce quartz countertops, gives natural and unnatural surfaces a run for their money with their latest collections, some of which will first be seen in public at the Luxury Home & Design Show. “Out of all the launches and the new products we’ve introduced in the market since I’ve been here, this is by far my favourite collection of colors and designs,” says Annie Zeni, the National Marketing Manager of Caesarstone Canada.


Taj Royale from the Supernatural Collection by Caesarstone launching in May.

Cosmopolitan White, Symphony Grey and Taj Royale are among the new designs in the Supernatural Collection that not only have the look, feel and fluidity of natural stone, but the rich, earthy tones now have detailed striations running through them.

Cosmopolitan White and Symphony Grey from the latest Supernatural Collection bCaesarstone.

For lovers of industrial interior design, they’ve created the Concrete Series. Fresh Concrete is a white concrete color; Sleek Concrete, dark grey; and Raw Concrete looks the most like natural concrete.

“With the Concrete Series, you can have your cake and eat it, too, because you can get the look and feel of concrete, but you’ll also have the benefits of having a very tough, hard surface that’s non-porous, that’s virtually stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, whereas real concrete has lots of issues,” says Zeni.

 (L-R)  Fresh Concrete, Raw Concrete, and Sleek Concrete from the latest collection bCaesarstone.

See the latest designs and collections before anyone else at the Luxury Home & Design Show, May 1-3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.