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Magnifissance. We created our own word, very Shakespearean of us. Combining magnificent and renaissance to express our core source of inspiration as a luxury lifestyle publication. Our mission is to bring the world’s top artisans to the forefront of luxury, celebrating both craft and creation – The stewards of the old world and voyagers of modern innovation. We see luxury as a concept superseding price, brand and trend. Craftsmen devote a lifetime to cultivating. Day after day, week after week, and year after year they devote heart and soul to creation. We believe this process merits celebration, their story worthy of sharing.

Magnifissance tells the stories of these monks of craft and creation. Our mission is to revive luxury in full-force, celebrating the maker as they refine themselves through their craft. Our responsibility, from the people we interview, industries we permeate and stories we tell seek to connect people with heritage, culture, thus restoring the essence of luxury to the human spirit.

Luxury is not a lifestyle but an idea. A concept which frees the mind from the confines of mass market, and awakens new appreciation for design and innovation in its true form.

Celebrate the Magnifissance of luxury refined through heart and craft.

Since its inception Taste Of Life has been a bridge between east and west. Each issue publishes in English and Chinese. The wisdom, cultural heritage and beauty of traditional Chinese culture meets the craftsmanship and innovation of Western culture in each publication.

The founders of Taste Of Life envisioned the publication as a medium to deliver beauty, innovation and true luxury into the hands of readers. Taste Of Life seeks to uplift readers, leaving them feeling inspired, glamorous. After eight years Taste Of Life has risen to the number one Chinese luxury lifestyle publication in Canada.


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