Exhibitors at the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show

Why Visit Our Show

For years we have travelled — to the mountains of Taiwan, through the streets of Florence, and anywhere else great craftsmanship thrives. We have found the world’s outstanding artisans and designers, those who are dedicated to perfection despite all challenges, those willing to linger over fine details in a fast-paced and mechanized world.

We will bring these craftsmen and their creations into the heart of Vancouver for the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show.

Ancient wisdom and traditional techniques are alive in their workshops. But modern innovations have allowed them to refine their work, to make objects both beautiful and functional that surpass anything that has come before. They are crafting legacies.

“I think legacy is what is going to be the definition of luxury, something that you can hand down,” says Laura Gilroy, one of our selected artisans. She is among the last practitioners of an ancient stained-glass art.

Permeating the show is the spirit of the Renaissance — a sublime surge of creativity and skill. We will foster this spirit by transforming Vancouver’s BC Place into an Italian piazza, complete with stone walkways, fountains, and a European garden.

This will be a place not only to acquire pieces of beauty to enrich your home and your life. It will also be a place to experience the heritage behind those pieces, the heart and craft that made them.

One-of-a-kind Luxury Event

Tea pavilions are designed to center the body, spirit, and mind. They are spaces where one can experience not only the tea, but the moment itself. We invite you to step into this moment — we will hold a tea ceremony like no other. In a teahouse built specifically for the ceremony, we will serve special teas grown in the mountains of Taiwan. Guests will bring home with them the potteryware created by a renowned pottery master.

Tickets are limited. Learn more about the pavilion and purchase tickets here.

For our opening night, June 21, we will host a charity gala to raise funds for Arts Umbrella and the BC Cancer Foundation. The event will be hosted in the Italian piazza we have created for the show, where we will offer an authentic Italian food experience, along with lively music and wonderful company.

Tickets are limited. Learn more about the event and purchase tickets here.

From famed luxury brands to up-and-coming artisanal companies, the Luxury Home & Design Show will offer guests the chance to purchase the latest and greatest designs. A variety of bespoke services, limited-edition products, and collections made exclusively for the show will make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Strolling along our Artisan Walk, guests will have a rare chance to glimpse into the workshops where luxury products are made. A select group of artisans will share their stories and insights, while demonstrating the tools and techniques of their trade.

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