Artisan Walkway

Meet the Designer of Artisan Walk

The Luxury Home & Design Show is pleased to invite award-winning international architect Timothy Bullinger to design its Artisan Walk. The Artisan Walk will be a featured area that will showcase artisans from around the globe. With offices in Hong Kong and Beverly Hills for many years, Vancouver native Bullinger has a fabulous roster of clients having designed for a long list of celebrities including Phil Collins, Georges Marciano, Vidal Sassoon and Rip Taylor.

“There is a new luxury and we want to showcase how global artisanship has been re-contextualized and re-valued through the partnership of tradition and cutting-edge design. Ultimately the LHDS will be the intersection of craftsmanship, luxury business, and philanthropy.”


  • BC Place - Vancouver
  • 777 Pacific Blvd, V6B 4Y8
  • (778) 861-0366