Blog - 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show


Stefano Bemer: The Art of Experience

The city of Florence is built upon centuries of spirit, and it’s fitting that Stefano Bemer’s world-renowned atelier — where a spirit of perfection in craftsmanship and traditional values thrive — resides inside an old chapel in the city.

Tommaso Melani is CEO of Stefano Bemer, a company that makes some of the finest handmade men’s shoes. Melani believes in a spiritual intelligence in the universe, saying it “gave us wisdom and judgment to decipher what’s good and what’s not. There are values that are good… and you just absorb them if you’re raised in the right context.”

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Toto’s 100-Year Journey: Modernizing Japan, Saving Water and Power Worldwide

Japan may be known today as being at the forefront of technological progress, but when Kazuchika Okura started Toto Ltd. in 1917, things looked different.

At the time, Japan did not yet have a robust public sewage system. After travelling abroad and seeing more advanced systems in other countries, Okura had a vision of bringing these innovations to Japan. His mission was to supply the nation with healthier and cleaner living spaces.

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Music Makes Magic in One of the World’s Most Charming Luxury Items

Life in the digital age can be paradoxical — somehow we can be both overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. Media and information are ubiquitous. Smartphones never stop beeping, and anywhere you go, music plays unnoticed.

“People today, they don’t have dreams anymore — they have Google,” says Kurt Kupper, CEO of Reuge, the world’s leading music box maker.

True beauty, however, can still ring like a bell through the background noise, spark our soul, and draw us into the moment, into a deeper existence.

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A Tilemaker’s Hand Works with the Skill of a Fine Art Master

Viewing fine art can take your breath away or even move you to tears. Capturing the beauty of vivid colours and exquisite craftsmanship doesn’t always have to come in a painting or sculpture. What if your floor tile or kitchen backsplash did the same?

“A lot of tile, you can treat it as art, where it evokes emotion, it makes you happy,” says Joel Christensen, co-owner of Bullnose Tile & Stone. “When you look at it, it should make you feel good.”

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Through Rose-Coloured Glass: The Last Apprentices of an Ancient Art

The Luxury Home & Design Show is part of a cultural movement happening now around the world — the revival of the artisan.

“This renaissance of hand-created pieces, I think it’s only going to get bigger,” says Laura Gilroy of Gilroy Stained Glass, one of the Luxury Home and Design Show’s world-class exhibitors.

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Trend Forecasting with Scarlet Opus

Imagine how it would feel if you, our discerning guests, could predict key textures, styles, colours, products, shapes, patterns and innovative designs that consumers will desire in years to come. Predicting future trends may sound implausible, but Scarlet Opus successfully focuses on this futuristic concept. There are less than 10 trend-forecasting agencies involved in design worldwide; therefore we are pleased to invite this leading international trend intelligence agency from the UK to the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show.

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