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Meet the Designer of the Artisan Walk


“I am most excited that the LHDS is going to make a real difference by bringing a high-level global consciousness to Vancouver, and the Vancouver luxury market”, Bullinger says. “There’s so much available on a global level that our local market is not familiar with and the LHDS will introduce many of these products next May.”

“What I think is great about this show, is it is a unique platform for luxury brands and artisans to exhibit their products and work to sophisticated consumers in Vancouver,” says Timothy Bullinger of Arca3 Design Studio, when asked about the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show. “We are bringing aspects of the luxury world to Vancouver, aspects which have not previously been available in this market.”

Bullinger is a globally-recognized architect and designer with a network of contacts and an understanding of the luxury lifestyle that set him apart in the industry. He often assists his international clients in purchasing bespoke private jets, yachts, luxury automobiles, linens, crystal, even hiring their estate staff…all earning him the title of “The Lifestyle Architect.” He says “In my opinion, there is still a great lack of understanding of the arts and what true luxury is. It’s not about collecting the most expensive things.” Bullinger continues by saying that “I love that the LHDS’s mission is education about the essence of luxury and the luxury lifestyle.

Bullinger’s views are beginning to reverberate throughout the market. He recalls one conversation with a client who said, “In the beginning, I bought it because of the status, and it’s expensive but I’m moving beyond that now, as are my friends. We want to understand the history, the heritage and the legacy of that which inhabits and shapes our beautiful living spaces.”

And that history and heritage are about the journeys and stories of people – often generations of people. Hence Bullinger is looking forward to keeping the Artisan Walk focused on the artisans. ‘It’s not about the design of the Walk but about showcasing the artisans’… he says in his very warm and always unpretentious manner.




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