One-of-a-Kind Pieces Made Exclusively
for the Luxury Home & Design Show

Not only has the Luxury Home & Design Show brought together some of the most sought-after collections by famed brands and artisans, it has also inspired the creation of exclusive pieces.

Here is a preview of just a few of those creations to be unveiled at the show!

Da Vinci’s Genius Reimagined

Our theme, the Renaissance, led lighting and metalworks artist Maurice Dery of Karice to ask himself: “If Leonardo, the great Renaissance artist and inventor, were alive today, how would he incorporate 21st-century technology into his designs?”

The answer to this question is Karice’s Da Vinci collection. Dery has spent several months on this handcrafted luminaire series. In the fashion of Leonardo da Vinci, the theme revolves around machine gears, and mirrors are used to magnify seemingly imperceptible light sources.

Using the latest in lighting, machining, and metalwork technology, Karice’s Da Vinci collection brings the Italian Renaissance back to life in avant-garde form.

We spoke with Dery about his creative process, read more here: Karice Designers Envision What Leonardo da Vinci would do With Today’s Technology.

Pottery ware Infused With Mountain Spirit

Master Tian Chengtai can often be seen in the clothes of a hermit, wandering the mountains around his workshop in Taiwan. Yet his potteryware is among the most sought-after on the global luxury market. He will create for the Luxury Home & Design Show an exclusive collection of his earthy, yet lofty, pottery that will also be used in a special tea ceremony at the show.

Guests who attend our special tea ceremony will take this potteryware home with them, a custom gift to cherish and enjoy for years to come. “You have to use it — don’t just display it,” says Master Tian. “Then you can see it constantly changing and really understand it.”

His wood-fired tea sets have special properties that interact perfectly with teas in a way ordinary cups can’t, augmenting the sensory experience of a good cuppa.

We entered Master Tian’s workshop and home to learn more about his philosophy and craft, read more here: Trial by Fire.

Learn more about the tea ceremony and purchase tickets here.

Seeing The World Through Rose-Coloured Glass

John and Laura Gilroy are the last apprentices of an ancient method of making stained glass. Created by hand with great precision and care, each piece is true to its medieval roots, but is also refined by today’s innovations.

Gilroy Stained Glass will custom-design a masterpiece for the Luxury Home & Design Show. We spoke with the Gilroys to learn more about the magic that happens in their workshop.

To learn more about Gilroy Stained-Glass click here.

From Ancient Asia To Modern Design

Jade is solid stone, yet its structure is like that of woven fabric — this allows light to shine through, casting an enchanting green glow. Vancouver Jade is thus creating back-lit works of art and furniture.

The natural patterns in jade are accentuated by the illumination. Designer Dean Cloutier says they recall the jali — latticed screens or perforated stone, often featuring lace-like designs — of ancient Indian architecture. Jade itself was a favored material in ancient Asian art, and Vancouver jade brings that aesthetic into contemporary design.

The Luxury Home & Design Show has invited celebrity designer Timothy Bullinger to create a custom collection by partnering with Vancouver Jade.


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