Taste of Life

Our story: the heart behind the show


The dream of Taste Of Life was conceived with a simple wish to bring the spirit of beauty into people’s daily lives.

One of its founders, Wendy Guo the Editor-in-Chief, was prompted to create such a media after watching a Shen Yun Performing Arts performance: “It was like a journey back to a lost world that was once full of magic and splendor, heroes and sages. The combination of 5,000 years of civilization alongside unrivaled contemporary artistic mastery created a stunning visual and emotion experience unlike any I had ever experienced before. I felt the power and wisdom hidden in the ancient Eastern and Western cultures, and wanted to create a media to discover and share beauty that combines contemporary innovation with traditional wisdom and heritage.”

To fulfill this vision we search the far corners of the globe – from old castles in Italy, to the deep mountains of Taiwan, the high Tibetan plateau, to Vancouver BC’s local sea-surrounding islands – and we have found many hidden treasures. In meeting talented artisans we continue to be inspired by their persistence in cultivating their craft, making it exquisite.

We believe luxury is not about price, but about the quality, details and heart that the creators puts into their work. To us this is priceless.

Over the past eight years we have spoken with hundreds of artisans, discovering many wonderful treasures with beautiful stories. And we now find the wish to share these wonderful treasures and stories with people through a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Luxury Home & Design Show is a physical manifestation of our media’s mission. Guests can see and touch these products first hand, experiencing them with all their senses. Meet artisans and artists from around the world, and bring these experiences into their lives, and into their homes.




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