Trend Forecasting with Scarlet Opus

Imagine how it would feel if you, our discerning guests, could predict key textures, styles, colours, products, shapes, patterns and innovative designs that consumers will desire in years to come. Predicting future trends may sound implausible, but Scarlet Opus successfully focuses on this futuristic concept. There are less than 10 trend-forecasting agencies involved in design worldwide; therefore we are pleased to invite this leading international trend intelligence agency from the UK to the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show.

With a clientele that includes multinational retailers, product designers, interior designers, architects, home builders and manufacturers in the interior sector from around the world, Scarlet Opus representatives are highly sought-after keynote speakers at design industry exhibitions.

At LHDS the spirit of craftsmanship within the artisans we meet constantly inspires us, and our goal is to enable guests to experience artisanal craftsmanship for themselves in the Artisan Walk. Victoria Redshaw, lead futurist at Scarlet Opus says, “The work of artisans has begun to be appreciated by more people all over the world and has acquired a new value.”

On the Walk, you will find artisans from around the world crafting onsite, where guests may interact with them and experience firsthand, traditional techniques and training methods that have been implemented over generations.

Redshaw says, “It’s important that a luxury show like LHDS makes its visitors know that it is aware of this trend [of handmade goods], understands it, and shows products with these qualities in the luxury market.”

Alongside traditional methods, innovation plays a key role in today’s marketplace.
“There is a new appreciation for traditional skills and techniques,” Redshaw says. “Young people are showing interest in learning time-earned skills; some are bringing innovation to traditional skills by blending them with contemporary tools and techniques.”

There is also a growing awareness for sustainable home options. “We have collected some very exciting new materials developed to meet the increasing demand by consumers from around the world with regard to sustainability,” Redshaw says.

We are pleased to welcome Scarlet Opus and are looking forward to our guests gaining invaluable insights into future trends.