Why Visit

We have traveled the world for years searching for the stewards of tradition and the pioneers of innovation to bring into the heart of Vancouver BC for the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show.

Ancient craftsmanship carries in it the soul and beauty of humanity’s history. But modern innovations allow us to refine that beauty; they represent our growth and our collective learning. For the Luxury Home & Design Show, we have brought together designers and artisans who combine the wisdom of the past and present to create wholly beautiful products.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces Made Exclusively for the Luxury Home & Design Show

Rarity is part of what makes an object precious. Top artisans and designers from all over the world will bring to the Luxury Home & Design Show not only their most celebrated products, but also custom-made collections exclusive to the show.

Vancouver’s Design Talent Celebrated Alongside The World’s Best

While the Luxury Home & Design Show has curated some of the finest designers and artisans from around the world, it will also feature strongly the world-class talent and decor right here in Vancouver.

Our show is unique in its very foundation. We celebrate the maker of the product, as they spend a lifetime perfecting themselves through their craft, and experience for yourself the new standard of luxury.

Craftsmanship Refined Through Generations Creates The Treasures of Kings

The skills that forge treasured objects are often refined through generations. Artisans from tradition-steeped workshops all over the world will bring to the Luxury Home & Design Show objects literally fit for kings — from crystalware used at royal banquets to the linens long favored in royal houses.


  • BC Place - Vancouver
  • 777 Pacific Blvd, V6B 4Y8
  • (778) 861-0366